Saskia Keeley

My mission is to create powerful visuals that raise awareness and inspire hope.


Saskia Bory Keeley partners with humanitarian organizations to share their valuable work with the world, including Leaders' Quest (India), END Fund/ Amani Global Works (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Roots and Taghyeer (West Bank) and We Love Reading (Jordan).

Saskia runs photography workshops in which participants unpack decades of fear and bias through the simple acts of looking and listening. She is exploring where these workshops can be helpful in global conversations toward peace (Roots and Taghyeer, West Bank) and within divided communities, Pico Union Project, Los Angeles.

Saskia's work has been published in the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, the Lycée Français magazine, Women Across Frontiers, the East Hampton Star, corporate annual reports like UBS and the END Fund, Future Stars and Hamptons Marathon magazine, as well as on numerous websites.


Saskia Bory Keeley is a Swiss photographer. She was educated at Geneva University, Sotheby’s and the New Academy for Art Studies in London. She also received training at the International Center for Photography. Based in Manhattan, Saskia also spends time in Amagansett-Long Island and Geneva-Switzerland.


Saskia has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. She is fluent in French and Dutch, and conversational in Spanish and German. Her passion for global adventure has enriched her appreciation for and understanding of disparate cultures. 

Saskia's book, "Through the Lens of Humanity" documents the lives of Israeli settler women and Palestinian women who live in the West Bank, within arms reach of each other, across cultural and physical barriers that isolate them. Saskia's work brings her into the lives and the homes of both societies. She shares her story in pictures and words in this book.