Saskia Keeley

My mission is to create powerful visuals that raise awareness and inspire hope.

I believe disparate cultures can be bridged through recognition of our common humanity. Fostering such empathetic connection is especially fulfilling for me when women, children, and people from less visible parts of the globe are brought out of darkness and into light.

Saskia Bory Keeley is a Swiss photographer. She was educated at Geneva University, Sotheby’s and the New Academy for Art Studies in London. She also received training at the International Center for Photography. Based in Manhattan, Saskia also spends time in Amagansett-Long Island and Geneva-Switzerland.


Saskia principally partners with humanitarian organizations, taking into account their  sensitive and noble endeavors. Her latest work has taken her to India (with Leaders' Quest), to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (with the END Fund/ Amani Global Works), to the West Bank (with both Roots and Taghyeer), and to Jordan (with We Love Reading).

Her greatest passion is documenting people, communities and cultures in ways that foster lasting connection, unexpected empathy and occasional awe. She strives to paint a picture of what is possible, and to promote changes that happen when understanding and empathy converge.


Saskia has collaborated with a number of institutional organizations to record signature, public events and candid moments for promotional use. These include the Lycée Français de New York, the END Fund, Roots, Cambodia Collegium, private companies, Future Stars, Pip's Place and Hampton Racquet, to name several.  

Saskia's photos have been published in the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, the Lycée Français magazine, Women Across Frontiers, the East Hampton Star, corporate annual reports like UBS and the END Fund, Future Stars and Hamptons Marathon magazine, as well as on numerous websites.


Saskia has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. She is fluent in French and Dutch, and conversational in Spanish and German. Her passion for global adventure has enriched her appreciation for and understanding of disparate cultures. 


It would be an understatement to say that we were pleased with Saskia. She put all of herself into the work, and was always there to do everything we asked – and more - in the best possible fashion and at all hours of the day and night. Her time with us was utilized to the hilt.
She was extremely organized, conscientious and meticulous. There was nothing more that we could have asked for.
As a photographer she was considerate and unobtrusive, and did nothing that would interfere with our work. She successfully took into account the extreme sensitivity of our endeavors, and avoided the many minefields that litter the ground.
— Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, Roots Director of International Relations
Saskia’s natural warmth and charm made everyone feel comfortable. She brought the group together, taught us how to use the cameras and then encouraged everyone to experiment and explore at their own pace. The sessions were a fantastic opportunity to learn more about photography and to get to know the other women. Saskia’s flexibility and enthusiasm kept us all involved, even in the face of some logistical challenges.
In a calm, nurturing and safe environment the photography was a basis for an encounter with the Other in the conflict, who we would never otherwise be able to meet. I found it particularly powerful to take photos of the other women, as when you set up a photograph in your camera lens, you examine and consider the subject in a totally different way than when you are just looking at them. I would highly recommend Saskia’s workshop to anyone and look forward to her return so that more women can benefit from them.
— Sarah Mandel, student of Saskia's Workshop in the West Bank
As I look at Saskia’s portraits, what touches me deeply is the humanity that stands out, radiantly. It is as though she is able to take a snapshot of her subjects’ soul. I feel that soul looking deeply into my own and this is very powerful. It can sometimes be hard to look into the eyes of the individuals she photographs because I become a witness to life stories and conditions that are often hard. There is more to take in, both aesthetically and experientially, with these beautiful compositions as her subjects speak directly to us through her lens.
— Adrien Harrison, Founder at Echo Studio