The conclusive results were clear in this final exercise of sharing each partner’s story.

As we are working with a highly intelligent and competent group, the stories told are deeply poignant as they are relayed in a sensitive and capable manner.

ALL are clearly moved and deeply appreciative of the way their story has been heard and how it is shared. There is such a sense of intimacy and even vulnerability at the end of our circle of sharing. One participant, the next day in a discussion titled “customer first”, relates back to the photo workshop by saying, “we should be able to speak in the voice of our customers, like we did yesterday with each other. How would that change the way we think about and interact with them?”

One of the participants wrote to me a few weeks later and she said: “I found the workshop fabulous and you need to know that it had a significant impact on breaking barriers in terms of how we interact as humans and as a team.” She then proceeded to say: “I will keep your contact as I would like to work with you in the future for my own leadership team.”

What participants had to say…

1. What did your life or business look like before being introduced to SKP (Saskia Keeley Photography)?

Prior to Saskia Keeley’s photo workshop our team was primarily comprised of executives focused on the interests of the area of the business for which they have direct accountability, versus collective ownership of all areas of the business. Our team was quite dysfunctional, operating more like a working group, with no real trust amongst the participants.

2. What motivated you to invest in Saskia Keeley’s workshop?

We decided that we wanted to invest / embark on the journey of collective leadership and this starts with the foundation of they pyramid: building vulnerability-based trust. Saskia’s workshop was just the perfect tool we needed to find ourselves and each other through a whole different “lens”.

3. How is it different from other services you may have been involved in the past?

Most of our leadership team would say they never experienced a workshop quite like the one given by Saskia Keeley. What appeared to be a simple task masked the level of intimacy created through completing it. So much better and more powerful than your typical collective coaching exercises.

4. What surprised you the most about Saskia Keeley Photography?

The ability to really understand and “see” the other person from the camera lens. How vulnerable we had to become to each other. And, the positive impact of the workshop on our leadership team. It is often referred to in meetings many months after the workshop experience. Saskia really lead us through an amazing journey.

5. How has Saskia impacted you and/or your business?

It demonstrated the benefit of getting to know colleagues in a deeper way, for instance we learned what drove the communication style of a colleague, which until the workshop their style was perceived totally differently than what they intended. Of the full 3 days the team spent together, Saskia’s workshop was the one session that, if I had to point out, really changed our perspective of each other.

6. Having successfully accomplished a workshop, how do you see your business relationships developing in the next 6-12 months?

We are already seeing an impact since coming back to work from the offsite. In our exco meetings and one to one interactions, including how we manage conflict - directly and constructively, playing the issue not the person. We all have much closer ties and greater trust amongst the leadership team.

7. If someone is skeptical about Saskia Keeley Photography, or feels that the investment is a big stretch for them, what would you say to them?

The impact of Saskia Keeley’s workshop was without question worth our investment of time and money. It brought a fresh and unique experience to creating a collective leadership team. DO IT!

8. If you have any different thoughts or would like to add anything else, please feel free to add whatever you'd like.

The journey to collective leadership is not easy and Saskia Keeley’s photo workshop is a path along the journey worth taking.