During the photo assignment we cover:

  • How do you see your partner?

  • What is it that you would like to capture? Think mindfully – don’t click away.

  • Exploring composition, mood, personality. Allowing creative expression.

What is it you want to relay about this person? Are you comfortable getting close to your subject? Is your subject at ease with that proximity?

Deep Sharing

During Deep Sharing we cover:

  • What was this experience like?

  • How did it feel to share?

  • How did it feel to hear?

One has 20 minutes, the other has 20 minutes. A time to be personal, to engage, and to be as candid and personal as possible in what is being told. It may be a short synopsis of life, a story that has marked you profoundly, a relationship, an anecdote. It has to be meaningful, important, something unique about you or your background. The person who hears the story is in listening mode. Not too many questions or interruptions.

As partners come back, I review their images with them and ask them to pick a portrait of themselves. They remain with their partner for the selection process. Each selected image is then printed for the next and most powerful part of the workshop.

While holding the printed image of one’s partner, we tell the partner’s story in one’s own words. Making sure to start by saying “I am…. (name of partner). We push for consistency to remain in the “I” modality when telling the whole story.