Stratasys is a 3D printing technology company founded in Minnesota with over 30 years in the business. They are based in the US, Israel, Europe and Asia.

A leading company in their field they have done exceedingly well but, in more recent years, they have struggled with both sales and incentive. They want to promote team unity, enhance functioning, and foster incentive and execution.

Stratasys has an important base in Tel Aviv, Israel. Different cultures don’t always seem to see eye to eye and understand each other well. The workshop was offered to bridge “divides” and have a better understanding of the “other”.


Stratasys wants to increase employees’ incentive to bring their best selves to work, increase momentum, and increase sales.

They want to address these issues, re-energize their people, and inspire a renewed vision to recreate hope and incentive.

They also need to address the feeling that employees feel stuck and “boxed-in” with stereotypes depending on their nationality and the country in which they live in.


To engage with one another to find mutuality and commonality. To brainstorm together to revitalize both the company and the way they show up at work.