Deep Sharing

As pairs we walked to the Dakota building and the John Lennon memorial. This walk offers a time for deep sharing. To be as candid and personal as possible in what is being told. It may be a short synopsis of a life, a story that has marked this person profoundly, a relationship, an anecdote. It has to be meaningful, important, something unique about you and your background. The person who hears the story is in a listening mode. Not too many questions or interruptions.

After the time dedicated to portraiture there is time for more personal sharing. From both participants in each pair or from one who hasn’t had the chance to talk.

Back at our gathering place, a portrait of each is selected by both the photographer and the subject.

Coming back together as a group. I ask:

  • What was this experience like?

  • How did it feel to share?

  • How did it feel to hear?

Lastly, for the most powerful part of the workshop, we do what I call “Photo Holding” – telling your partner’s story in one’s own words- using “I” for a more personal narrative.