Saskia Keeley’s corporate photo-workshops create strong teams by breaking down biases, rebuilding trust, and allowing team members to reconnect with each other’s humanity.

Saskia Keeley is a Master Facilitator with LeadersQuest’s team.

Her Accompagnateur Workshops allow participants to deepen relationships and broaden perspectives within large organizations and their leadership teams.

Using photography, Saskia has fostered deep connections between executive team members from the corporate and financial sector. By building trust they have created a sense of mutual support for better collaboration and execution.

Saskia’s workshops are predominantly used in partnerships with NGOs to foster peace and understanding in communities entrenched in conflict like the West Bank, New York City’s prisons, and inner-city Los Angeles. However, her workshop’s format has proven to be effective for breaking down barriers within teams and as an opportunity for participants to experience self-awareness, empathy, and growth through personal enlightenment.


SPK’s workshops foster a new level of trust, understanding, and communication between executives of high-performance teams.

Leadership teams benefit enormously from better connections and understanding because those values translate to more open and personal communication and therefore growth as a team.


The Corporate Workshops guide and teach participants to see members of different cultures and communities with clarity and compassion. Assigning each to photograph and connect with the other breaks barriers and provides the chance to literally see one another from a new perspective.

This translates to more effective communication, empathy, and teamwork; which are directly correlated to better performance:

Corporate Workshop Case Studies

Saskia’s corporate workshops are changing the way executives of high-performance leadership teams

communicate, trust, and grow with one another.

Saskia’s workshop developed trust between 14 top executives of the leadership team from very different backgrounds. Executives felt, that with a better sense of each other, they would all benefit from a healthier work environment where they could trust and rely on their coworkers, which would lead to even more effective and productive work. One participant, relates back to the photo workshop by saying, “we should be able to speak in the voice of our customers, like we did yesterday with each other. How would that change the way we think about and interact with them?”

Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printer manufacturing, struggled with both sales and incentive. Saskia’s workshop promoted team unity, enhanced functioning, and fostered incentive and execution. One participant said: “I was concerned about this being touchy-feely stuff but this has been so wonderful and healing. I was only working with part of the group during this retreat but now I feel comfortable with everyone”. Another participant said to the main facilitator: “This should have been offered to the whole group.”

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