ROOTS Non-Violence Workshops 2017

Over the past two years photographer, Saskia Bory Keeley partnered with Roots, an initiative led by a Palestinian and Israeli settler committee who works at the heart of the conflict in the West Bank. 

Saskia conducted photo workshops for Orthodox Jewish Israeli and Palestinian women who would otherwise have no contact.  An important part of the program was to develop photographic skills (20 good-quality DSLR cameras were purchased and donated to Roots for this purpose.) Just as essential was the opportunity for women "from the other side" to interact in a daily setting, many for the very first time in their lives. 

The photos that came out of their assignments were striking and often touchingly personal in their portrayal of both loved ones in intimate settings (when they took the cameras home) and perceived enemies in the context of the workshop sessions.  Most importantly, the cameras created a human bridge, breaking down barriers and fostering contact as women took portraits of each other necessitating human connection.

The photos presented in this exhibit are a sample of selected works from the 2017 workshops.  Those talented women diligently used the lens giving us insight into their own world, their home, their family.  Developing artistic resources is a great tool not only for healing but for empowering.  This collection of photos serves as a testimonial to that principle and will help inspire people who presently view the Israel-Palestinian situation as a hopeless conflict.

All photographs are available for purchase.  All proceeds will benefit the ongoing Roots photo workshops.  

Private Gallery

Please see featured photos available for purchase. If your desired photos are not featured you may still purchase them by contacting for details.

All proceeds make future humanitarian projects possible. If you enjoy seeing this work, please consider purchasing to keep it alive.

You may also purchase Saskia's photographic journal: Through the Lens of Humanity, which documents the transformative experiences that occurred during her non-violence workshops as depicted through the unbiased lens of a camera.