The Accompagnateur Workshops and Taghyeer co-created a workshop.

The innovative Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement was founded by Palestinian community leaders with peace activist Ali Abu Awwad. Taghyeer focuses on engaging Palestinian society forward to achieve social change and national goals through nonviolence. The movement involves all segments of Palestinian society by strengthening and supporting communities and providing independent organizations and activists an umbrella for coordinated action.

The photo workshops create space for the liberating experience of personal expression and the development of each participant’s capacity to use her voice to share stories about her life, dreams, frustrations, etc. The workshops also equip members of the Taghyeer Nablus Women’s Group with documentation skills in order to recognize and communicate challenges and opportunities in their community.

The Palestinian women are the greatest victims of the conflict. They live under Israeli occupation, as well as in patriarchal societies with no equality or independence, and with limited rights.
— Ali Abu Awwad, Peace Activist & Founder of Taghyeer


In these one-day workshops I spend the day with 14 to 18 Palestinian women of all ages ranging from young teenagers to matriarchs in their 50s. The group is also diverse in marital status (single, married, widowed and divorced), level of education and employment status.

The women come at the encouragement of Taghyeer, the Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement. Of utmost relevance and importance is giving these women a chance to express themselves.

Empowerment means:

1. Finding common ground among different interests in order to build collective strength. Based on mutual support, solidarity, collaboration, recognition and respect, it multiplies individual talents, knowledge, and resources to make a larger impact.

2. Giving everyone in the group agency and acknowledging their unique potential. It is based on the belief that each individual has the power to make a difference, which can be multiplied by new skills, knowledge, awareness, and confidence.
— Brené Brown


The photography workshop is split into two sessions in order to create more time for practical application of the skills learned.


The second session…

Gives space for sharing and reflection on the images that participants shot during the week between sessions.

Objectives & Outcomes

Objective 1: Participants have learned basic technical camera skills and best practices for composition of photographic images.

Objective 2: Participants have created a list (problem tree) of identified challenges and resources within the Nablus community.

Objective 3: Participants have documented the identified challenges in order to communicate progress (“before” and “after”) on issues the Women’s Group will take action to resolve.

What participants had to say…